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Most of the nuclear plants in operation today were designed and constructed thirty or more years ago. Most of the companies involved in design and construction of Code equipment at that time are either out of the nuclear business or have lost the talent they had due to retirement or normal attrition. The result has been that many of the personnel involved in design and construction of nuclear Code equipment do not have the background and understanding of ASME Code requirements that is necessary for the safe and economical operation of nuclear power plants.

Often personnel read the ASME Code a sentence at a time without trying to comprehend the full meaning of the provisions. Our background and experience with the Code goes back to the late 1950's and our participation on Code Committees started in the late 1960's. Our experience includes design, stress analysis, metallurgy, welding, fabrication, quality assurance, accreditation, specification writing, and reviews of designs and specifications. Our clients are utilities, manufacturers, construction organizations, and installers, as well as governmental agencies.

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