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ASME Section XI
Inservice Inspection and Repair/Replacement Activities

This course covers all aspects of Section XI, emphasizing repair, replacement, modification, and maintenance activities; pressure testing; and the relationship between the Code and regulatory and enforcement requirements. The course addresses many controversial issues and topics of current concern and presents the broad spectrum of opinions regarding practical application of Code requirements. The course is designed to provide an introduction to Section XI for people who are not at all familiar with it, as well as to provide, for the experienced Section XI user, an entirely new understanding of some of the many confusing and controversial parts of Section XI.

Using ASME Codes and Standards
To Reduce Plant Operating Costs

Reedy Engineering provides a seminar that addresses ASME Code philosophy and how to properly use ASME Codes and Standards to eliminate unnecessary engineering and repair/replacement activities. Many engineers currently misapply the Code because of false assumptions or regulatory documents that wrongly interpret Code requirements. This seminar will highlight these issues. The accent will be on the philosophy of the ASME Code and the use of engineering judgment in resolving these issues.

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