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The student will gain or enhance his/her understanding of the following subjects:

1. Relationship between regulatory and enforcement requirements and ASME Section XI.

  • How NRC regulations mandate use of Section XI.
  • What different alternatives the NRC regulations provide to Section XI.
  • How the NRC accepts or endorses different Editions and Addenda of ASME Codes and Code Cases.
  • How the scope of Section XI and classification of equipment are affected by regulatory requirements.

2. Principles and background of inservice inspection.

  • Determination of inspection intervals.
  • Location of requirements in Section XI for periodic inspection.
  • Basis for sample expansion and increased sampling frequency.
  • The meaning of types, methods, and techniques of nondestructive examination.

3. Requirements for repair, replacement, and modification (RRM).

  • Definitions of RRM terminology.
  • Scope of IWA-4000.
  • Applicability of NPS 1 exemption (or alternative requirements).
  • Requirements for Repair/Replacement Program (and Plans).
  • Need for Suitability Evaluations.
  • How to procure replacement items, including reconciliation of later Editions and Addenda of Construction Codes.
  • What portions of the Construction Code are applicable to a repair/replacement activity.
  • What design requirements are applicable to modifications, evaluations, and rerating.
  • What requirements are applicable to defect removal and examination of welds.
  • When pressure testing is required.

4. Alternatives for evaluation of degraded items.

  • Evaluation of wall thinning.
  • Evaluation of water hammer.
  • Evaluation of overpressurization.
  • Use of weld overlays.
  • Evaluation of leakage (Section XI and Technical Specification requirements).

5. Recent developments in Section XI and new Code Cases

  • Recently-published Section XI Code Cases.
  • Activities currently underway in Subcommittee XI.

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