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Roger F. Reedy is the founder and President of Reedy Engineering, Inc. His professional experience includes design and construction of pressure vessels and piping for petro-chemical, nuclear power, aerospace, and general industries. He has been a member of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Committee for many years, is past chair of the Nuclear Power Subcommittee, and is currently an Honorary Member of the ASME BPV Code Committee, as well as Chair of the Editorial Task Group for Section III. He received the Bernard F. Langer Nuclear Codes and Standards Award in 1993. Mr. Reedy is a Registered Professional Engineer in six states, as well as a Registered Structural Engineer.

Reedy Engineering has been providing expert witness and consulting services to legal firms on the issues relating to ASME Codes and Standards for more than twenty years. Reedy Engineering has one of the most complete libraries of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Books, as far back as 1915. Reedy Engineering has also written a summary explanation of every change to these ASME Code books back to 1952. This background and experience is essential to providing litigation support regarding ASME Code equipment and issues. Mr. Reedy has been the principle expert in lawsuits involving ASME Code equipment that in one case alone awarded our client more than one billion dollars. Another client being sued for four million dollars was awarded two million dollars instead. We have also participated in a number of successful arbitrations.

Expertise includes:

Design and Analysis
Design Specifications and Design Reports
Failure Evaluations
Safety Issues
Codes and Standards
Cyclic Service/Cyclic Design Reviews
Welding (achieving full penetration, cracks, size)
Materials Selection
Pressure Vessel and Piping
Quality Control/Quality Assurance
Quick Opening/ Quick Actuating Closures
Containment Vessels
Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage
Jacketed Pressure Vessels
Storage Tanks
Pressure Testing
Nondestructive Examinations


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