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As consultants on various projects, it sometimes becomes obvious that a report can be used effectively by a number of clients. When this happens, and a report is made generically, all of our clients save money and time because the costs are shared, and the work can be done once, instead of repeated a number of times.

Our reports, ASME Code Reconciliation, our RA-search Database, the Underthickness Report and the NDE Report all save time and money. ASME Code Reconciliation allows nuclear power plant clients to know whether a material can be used without affecting the design of an item within a minute or two. Our RA-search Database permits our clients to find any ASME Interpretation within seconds. The Underthickness Report permits a client to evaluate and temporarily accept an area of a pressure vessel or piping system that has been corroded, eroded, or otherwise reduced in thickness. The NDE Report will permit a client to easily upgrade material from on Class to another.

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